Achieve High Strength Brazed Joints with Nicrobraz® and NicroSpray™


High Strength Brazed Joints by Vacuum Brazing - A Control Valve Trim

Severe Service Control Valves Multi-Path Trims are manufactured by stacking and joining laser cut discs together by vacuum brazing with Nicrobraz® 135, a high temperature nickel-based brazing alloy. The purpose of the trim is to divert the fluid into many tiny pathways, which can dissipate the pressure and prevent wear. Read More
Happy Earth Day 2023


Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day! This year's theme is 'Invest in Our Planet' to improve our environment and build a better and safer future.  Since 1938, our products have helped lead to a cleaner, productive, and efficient world. Read More
Wall Colmonoy Modernization at Los Lunas, NM Plant


$2.5 Million Modernization Investment at Los Lunas, New Mexico Plant

Wall Colmonoy is pleased to announce a $2.5 million modernization plan at their Alloy Products plant located in Los Lunas, New Mexico. The plan aims to increase capacity, improve processes, and add new capabilities. Read More


Winsome Winston: 50 Years and Still Going Strong

For over 50 years, Winston Jenkins has been imbedded in British industry and at the center of Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK). Read More
Joel Gutierrez - Business Development Manager - Alloy Products


Wall Colmonoy Welcomes Back Joel Gutierrez as Business Development Manager – Alloy Products

Wall Colmonoy is pleased to announce the return of Joel Gutierrez as Business Development Manager – Alloy Products. Joel previously worked at Wall Colmonoy from 2010 and 2017. Read More
Alloy Products U.S. Receives Best Quality Award from Cataler Corporation For Nicrobraz® 30 (BNi-5)


Alloy Products U.S. Receives Best Quality Award from Cataler Corporation For Nicrobraz® 30

Wall Colmonoy’s Alloy Products U.S. division is honored to receive Cataler Corporation’s Best Quality Award for zero defects in 2021 for its Nicrobraz® 30 nickel-brazing powder. Read More


Earth Day 2022

This year the theme for Earth Day is Invest In Our Planet. In co-operation with partners worldwide we are working to develop products which: • Reduce emissions • Improve fuel economy • Consume less energy • And overall – create longer lasting parts Read More

Nicrobraz® Red Stop-Off™ Used on 3D Printed Rocket Engine Test Piece

In a recent application, Red Stop-Off™ was used on a 3D printed Inconel 625 liquid cooled rocket engine to prevent brazing alloy from blocking the regenerative cooling channels during the brazing process. Read More


Nicrobraz® News - Selecting Stop-Off

We are often asked which Nicrobraz® Stop-Off™ product best fits their application, so this issue was created to provide some tips on selecting Stop-Off™.  Read More


Expanded Metal Powder Characterization Capabilities at Pontardawe R&D Lab

Wall Colmonoy has recently invested in a Morphologi 4 for its Research & Development Lab to expand its metal powder characterization capabilities in the UK Read More