Happy Veterans Day 2023


Happy Veterans Day!

We thank service members and veterans for their courage and sacrifice. We pride ourselves in employing military members. Join us in saluting these military employees at Wall Colmonoy & Franklin Bronze Precision Components.  Read More


Colmonoy® 7331-60P2 Extends Service Life of Interstand Looper Rolls by 10 Times at a Steel Mill

Colmonoy® 7331-60P2 applied by plasma transferred arc exhibits hardness and reduces abrasive wear at a steel mill, extending the service life of interstand looper rolls by 10 times. Read More


Results of Latest Corrosion Tests Proves Colmonoy® 686 Lasts Longer

Corrosion testing results prove that Colmonoy® 686 (Inconel 686) lasts longer, helping waste-to-energy plants avoid maintenance shutdown for up to 5 years. Read More


ColWear 62-1 Outlasts Chrome Carbide Plate by 8 times at a Waste to Energy Plant

ColWear 62-1 Impact Liner Outlasts Chrome Carbide Plate by 8 times at a Waste to Energy Plant due to its superior hardness and impact resistance. Read More


ColWear Fan Blade Outlasts Competition by 5 Times at a Stone Mining Quarry

Highly abrasive-resistant ColWear 62-1 fan blades have outlasted the competition by 5 times at a stone mining quarry. Read More

Tradeshows & Events

Exhibiting at SPE Offshore, 5-8 September 2023 - Stand 2G11

Wall Colmonoy is pleased to announce that they will be participating at SPE Offshore Europe 2023, taking place in Aberdeen, UK 5-8 September. You can find us at Stand 2G11. Read More
Achieve High Strength Brazed Joints with Nicrobraz® and NicroSpray™


High Strength Brazed Joints by Vacuum Brazing - A Control Valve Trim

Severe Service Control Valves Multi-Path Trims are manufactured by stacking and joining laser cut discs together by vacuum brazing with Nicrobraz® 135, a high temperature nickel-based brazing alloy. The purpose of the trim is to divert the fluid into many tiny pathways, which can dissipate the pressure and prevent wear. Read More
International Women in Engineering Day - Dershay Reid - Aerobraze Cincinnati


Women in Engineering Spotlight: Dershay Reid

Dershay Reid, Quality Engineer at Aerobraze Cincinnati, talks about her passion for engineering and quality. Read More
Wall Colmonoy Exhibiting at ITSC 2023

Tradeshows & Events

Exhibiting at ITSC 2023 in Quebec City, Canada

Wall Colmonoy is pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC) 2023 booth 218 in Quebec City, Canada from May 22-25, 2023.  Read More
Happy Earth Day 2023


Earth Day 2023

Happy Earth Day! This year's theme is 'Invest in Our Planet' to improve our environment and build a better and safer future.  Since 1938, our products have helped lead to a cleaner, productive, and efficient world. Read More