8 Advantages of Binder Jet Printing

With our new Desktop Metal Shop System we have built a number of successful parts, underpinning our grasp of what makes this technology so compelling. Read More

Tradeshows & Events

Exhibiting at Booth 2703 at MRO Americas April 26-28, 2022 in Dallas, Texas

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze will be promoting their OEM and Aftermarket products and services for the Aerospace & Aviation Industry at MRO Americas 2022. Read More

Tradeshows & Events

Aerobraze to Attend HAI-Heli Expo on March 8, 2022

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Cincinnati is pleased to announce they will be attending the HAI-Heli Expo on March 8, 2022 in Dallas, Texas.   Read More
Wallex® Cobalt Alloys for Food Processing & Packaging Components.


Wallex® Cobalt Alloys for Food Processing & Packaging Components

Wall Colmonoy announces precision cast components in cobalt-based Wallex® alloys for high-wear applications within the food industry. Wallex®, a StelliteTM alternative, is widely used in food processing applications, where there are extremely challenging wear mechanisms such as corrosion, abrasion and heat. Read More
Colmonoy® 686 is currently in selected European Biomass and Waste to Energy Plants.


Colmonoy® 686 for High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance in Waste to Energy & Biomass Plants

Wall Colmonoy announces the release of Colmonoy® 686, a Ni-Cr-Mo-W superalloy. Colmonoy® 686 is a nickel-based powder specifically developed to combat the extreme high temperature and corrosion experienced in modern waste-to-energy and biomass plants. Read More
3D additive manufacturing via Desktop Metal System™


Developing New Routes to Manufacture with Metal 3D Printing

Technical Director Dr Chris Weirman stated “It’s useful to have the capability to step-in and assist with an additive route. As the first owners of a Desktop Metal Shop System in Europe, we have unique experience of how to develop viable components for this method. This latest purchase marks a new chapter for Wall Colmonoy, and we are inspired by the possibilities of metal 3D printing to really expand what we can make. ” Read More
Sinter Screen that produces sinter for the steel-making process is made from ColWear 62-1 Plate


ColWear Plates Offer Solution to Sinter Screening Abrasion in Steel Plant

ColWear addresses a long-standing problem in a plant that produces sinter for the steel-making process. The Steel plant has tried many alternatives, all with limited service life. Screening is often a challenging application for material selection, due to the abrasion experienced as thousands of tiny irregular metallic particles rub against the screen. Read More
Colmonoy® 88, a fully dense, complex carbide coating, outperforms two-phase NiCrSiB hardfacing materials with tungsten carbide in many slurry erosion applications


Colmonoy® 88 Protects Against Silt or Slurry Erosion

Colmonoy® 88, a fully dense, complex carbide coating, can  outperform two-phase NiCrSiB hardfacing materials with tungsten carbide in many slurry erosion applications. The common solution against erosion wear in many applications that involve slurry or silt is the archetypal two-part blended NiCrSiB plus Tungsten Carbide applied by Spray & Fuse: FusewelderTM Torch, SpraywelderTM System, PTA or laser cladding systems. Read More


Developing Team Leaders at UK Facility

Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK) are pleased to announce we have conducted Team Leader Training for our Alloy Products, Precision Components and Aerobraze leaders. The training was led by Dave Jones from UP4 Coaching Ltd, a Welsh training & coaching company located in Pembrokeshire. It was held over 20 weeks and was designed to challenge team leaders and to develop new skills and more productive habits. Read More
Warren Lewis demonstrates ColTung™ 1 hardfacing rod


Protect Against Abrasion and Impact with ColTung™ 1

ColTung™ 1 is an easy to use hardfacing rod. It is widely used in many industries, but particularly in Oil & Gas spray shops. ColTung™ 1 is made from a nickel-based powder which is blended with tungsten carbide and then sintered in a vacuum furnace to make a solid rod. UK Technical Manager - Warren Lewis demonstrates this versatile product and explains its role in a variety of maintenance and repair applications for Oil & Gas. Read More