Women in Engineering Spotlight: Martina Gildea


Martina Gildea is an External Sales Manager at our European Headquarters in Pontardawe, Wales. Her position allows her to travel through Europe, talking to customers from the glass, steel, food, and pump industries.

Martina started through an informal apprenticeship, growing up next to a machine shop where her dad was making wrought iron components. He taught her how to read drawings and gave her practical experience with the machines, leaving her with a fondness for these types of places.

Her enthusiasm for engineering is clear as she talks about making components:

“I am amazed at how you can take an inanimate object and form it into something! I just love what we can make out of steel. I love the smell; it reminds me of helping in the machine shop during my teens.”

Born in South Africa, Martina moved to the UK 16 years ago to start life afresh. Her skills were in demand as a fluent German speaker, and she eventually joined our European HQ.

After a spell travelling the far east, she returned in 2019 and delighted in renewing many of the relationships she had with customers and colleagues previously.

“I love dealing with my customers. It’s not so much about the selling, but about building up the relationship based on trust and honesty.”

Thank you for your many contributions, Martina!

Happy International Women in Engineering Day!