Colmonoy® 25F: A Tough Coating for Oil & Gas Drilling Applications

Drilling equipment for oil and gas applications experiences some of the most challenging service conditions, particularly in terms of abrasion.

Wall Colmonoy offers a range of tough alloys designed exactly for these conditions. Used extensively for the protection of sleeves, stabilisers, and steering pads, Colmonoy® alloys are an integral part of many oil and gas operations.

Colmonoy® 25F is a thermal spray powder that is widely used to secure tungsten carbide inserts into place on a sleeve or stabiliser. Suitable for non-magnetic parts, the particle size distribution is manipulated to ensure a fast melt- resulting in a powder that flows well with limited heat input. This powder is used extensively in the Oil & Gas industry by many of the world’s leading workshops. Colmonoy® 25F is also suitable for standard steels where preheat restrictions do not apply.

VHX_001806 final image 25F with inserts-2(Image: Tungsten carbide insert correctly cemented into place with Colmonoy® 25F)

TileMatrixBasex50A2 25F with inserts(Image: Colmonoy® 25F with tungsten carbide inserts on either side)

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