Colmonoy® 25F: A Tough Coating for Oil & Gas Drilling Applications

Wall Colmonoy offers a range of tough alloys designed exactly for these conditions. Used extensively for the protection of sleeves, stabilisers, and steering pads, Colmonoy® alloys are an integral part of many oil and gas operations. Read More
Colmonoy 200-series in stock and ready to ship.


Protect and Restore Your Glass Parts with Colmonoy® 200-Series Nickel-Based Hardfacing Alloys

Colmonoy® 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, and 234 are used extensively in the Glass Container industry for repair and / or protection of castings or mould parts. Read More
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Spraywelder™ System Demonstration Video

Back by popular demand, UK Technical Manager Warren Lewis demonstrates the Sprayweld™ Process, an industry-leading system to rebuild surfaces and provide wear protection. Read More
Wall Colmonoy-Projects Engineering team


Artificial Intelligence Meets Powder Production

The project involved the development of the Wall Colmonoy Machine Learning Tool, an artificial intelligence based software able to assist in predicting the particle size distribution without running additional experiments. Read More
Colmonoy® 686 is currently in selected European Biomass and Waste to Energy Plants.


Colmonoy® 686 for High Temperature and Corrosion Resistance in Waste to Energy & Biomass Plants

Wall Colmonoy announces the release of Colmonoy® 686, a Ni-Cr-Mo-W superalloy. Colmonoy® 686 is a nickel-based powder specifically developed to combat the extreme high temperature and corrosion experienced in modern waste-to-energy and biomass plants. Read More
Colmonoy® 88, a fully dense, complex carbide coating, outperforms two-phase NiCrSiB hardfacing materials with tungsten carbide in many slurry erosion applications


Colmonoy® 88 Protects Against Silt or Slurry Erosion

Colmonoy® 88, a fully dense, complex carbide coating, can  outperform two-phase NiCrSiB hardfacing materials with tungsten carbide in many slurry erosion applications. The common solution against erosion wear in many applications that involve slurry or silt is the archetypal two-part blended NiCrSiB plus Tungsten Carbide applied by Spray & Fuse: FusewelderTM Torch, SpraywelderTM System, PTA or laser cladding systems. Read More
Warren Lewis demonstrates ColTung™ 1 hardfacing rod


Protect Against Abrasion and Impact with ColTung™ 1

ColTung™ 1 is an easy to use hardfacing rod. It is widely used in many industries, but particularly in Oil & Gas spray shops. ColTung™ 1 is made from a nickel-based powder which is blended with tungsten carbide and then sintered in a vacuum furnace to make a solid rod. UK Technical Manager - Warren Lewis demonstrates this versatile product and explains its role in a variety of maintenance and repair applications for Oil & Gas. Read More


Hard-Surfacing Debarking Knife Using Colmonoy® 88 and Fusewelder™

Alloy Products Technical Manager, Warren Lewis, demos the Fusewelder™ Torch, spraying a debarking knife with Colmonoy® 88 increasing service life by 50%. Read More


Steel Plant Looks for Solution to Furnace Corrosion

Wall Colmonoy is providing solutions to increase the lifetime of key operational equipment for UK steel manufacturers by laser cladding Reheat Furnace skid posts with Colmonoy® 625. Read More


Wear-resistant Nickel and Cobalt Alloys for Hydro Power

Wall Colmonoy produces Colmonoy® (nickel) and Wallex® (cobalt) wear-resistant alloys that are specifically designed to resist cavitation. Read More