Winsome Winston: 50 Years and Still Going Strong

For over 50 years, Winston Jenkins has been imbedded in British industry and at the center of Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK). Read More


Depowdering on the Desktop Metal Shop System™

Depowdering is one of the hot topics in binder jet printing at the moment. Depowdering is the stage in the binder jet process where loose powder is removed. Read More


8 Advantages of Binder Jet Printing

With our new Desktop Metal Shop System we have built a number of successful parts, underpinning our grasp of what makes this technology so compelling. Read More
3D additive manufacturing via Desktop Metal System™


Developing New Routes to Manufacture with Metal 3D Printing

Technical Director Dr Chris Weirman stated “It’s useful to have the capability to step-in and assist with an additive route. As the first owners of a Desktop Metal Shop System in Europe, we have unique experience of how to develop viable components for this method. This latest purchase marks a new chapter for Wall Colmonoy, and we are inspired by the possibilities of metal 3D printing to really expand what we can make. ” Read More


Rapid Innovation with Metal 3D Printed Parts

By printing its own atomization parts on-site, Wall Colmonoy has accelerated productivity improvements that would have been impossible without 3D printing. The fast printing of parts mean that new iterations can be printed and tested quickly, producing data to drive fast-paced learning. Read More


First Complete Installation of Desktop Metal™ Shop System™ in UK

Wall Colmonoy is pleased to announce it has fully installed the first Desktop Metal™ Shop System™ in the UK. Using Desktop Metal’s innovative binder-jet technology and generations of its materials expertise, Wall Colmonoy can now offer affordable and fast metal 3D printing of small to medium parts. Read More
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