Upgrade to UK Brazing Centre - Ipsen Brazing Vacuum Furnace Installed

New ipsin Furnace photo
Ipsen V3 Brazing Vacuum Furnace: Now Fully Installed at UK Brazing Centre
Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK) is pleased to announce it has upgraded its capabilities with the acquisition of an Ipsen Vacuum Braze Furnace.

The new furnace will be comparable to the largest braze furnaces at Wall Colmonoy, with dimensions of 1219mm x 1219mm x 914mm and an improved vacuum level of 5x10-6 mbar. Due to the larger hot zone, the investment will enable the brazing of next generation heat exchangers and other larger components.

With a maximum temperature of 1315°C, the new furnace investment was focused on improving capabilities for higher temperature brazing projects. The furnace provides an ultra-clean environment suitable for complex geometries.

Business Development Manager, Dr. Lewis Berry states, “This upgrade allows us to meet the needs of a growing number of customers who are looking for improved throughput for complex next generation brazed assemblies in materials that require a clean environment to vacuum braze.”

As the inventors of high-temperature nickel brazing, Wall Colmonoy continues to invest in its brazing capabilities, ensuring they remain at the forefront of this technology.

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