Season’s Greetings!

Seasons-Greetings-Cover-Wall Colmonoy-Alloys-News-1969We consulted our archives and found this great vintage Season’s Greetings message from our 1969 issue of Alloy News! We wanted to share this with you and wish you a wonderful holiday season!

In celebration of 50 years of Alloy News, we included the full year of publication. Features include:

Colmonoy® Updates:

  • Wear rings for Pump Plungers coated with Colmonoy® 6 – make the part last up to 5-6 years
  • Introduction of Colmonoy® 24 for repair of cast iron or steel parts applied by FusewelderTM Torch
  • Colmonoy® 6 increases production time by 8-10 times when coated on extrusion augers
  • Colmonoy® 6 is applied to reclaimed hooks on an elevator bucket for beets – lasting for two full sugar seasons!

Nicrobraz® Updates:

  • Launch of Nicrobraz® Transfer Tapes for applications like Heat Exchangers for easy application with automatically controlled uniformity
  • Announcement of the FIRST ! International Brazing Conference in Cleveland
  • Thermal Fatigue Console tests the heat resistance of metal or alloy, coated or uncoated to determine effective life – developed by Wall Colmonoy research team
  • Nicrobraz® Green Stop-Off Stix (before they became pens) on microwave tubes
  • Repair of giant cracked butane valves by Nicrobraz® 125
  • Nicrobraz® 50 is used for joining sensor bulb components in self-cleaning home ovens
  • Call for Brazing papers for 51st Annual Meeting of AWS in 1970

And more!



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We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! And we look forward to working with you next year!

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