Origins of Our Name

Our story begins in 1937, when two metallurgists called Mr. Norman Cole and Mr. Walter Edmonds created a new nickel-based alloy containing a unique constituent, Chromium Boride. Chromium Boride crystals provide a very high hardness value, as well as great wear and corrosion resistance.

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The alloy would become known as Colmonoy®, an anagram of the original two metallurgists’ surnames who invented the specially formulated nickel-based alloy to form the name; with the “COL” coming from Mr. Cole’s surname, “MON” from Mr. Edmonds and “OY” from alloy.

In 1938, an entrepreneur, Mr. Albert F. Wall bought the company, along with the patent for the Colmonoy® alloy and the manufacturing process. He named the newly formed company - Wall Colmonoy Corporation.

Today, Wall Colmonoy is a leading global materials engineering group. We supply superior performing Colmonoy® (nickel-based) and Wallex™ (cobalt-based) Surfacing Alloys, Nicrobraz® Brazing Alloys and As Cast and Machined Precision Components to the aerospace, automotive, glass container, waste-to-energy, oil & gas, mining, and other industrial sectors.

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