Nicrobraz® Red Stop-Off™ Used on 3D Printed Rocket Engine Test Piece

Nicrobraz® Red Stop-Off™, originally designed for a NASA application, is 100% chemically soluble. This assures complete removal of any remaining residue in small internal holes, fine threads, or wire screens, and similar delicate details where all traces of Stop-Off™ material must be removed following brazing.

In a recent application, Red Stop-Off™ was used on a 3D printed Inconel 625 liquid cooled rocket engine test piece to seal the combustion chamber and keep the regenerative cooling channels clear.


The engine was designed to be made in two halves due to manufacturing limitations with the idea that the two halves would then be brazed together.

The selected material was Inconel 625 as printed by an on-campus Markforged Metal X 3D printer. The engine is regenerative and has channels running up its length through which fuel will flow to help cool the engine while firing and heat up the fuel to make combustion more efficient.

Nicrobraz Red Stop-Off - 3D Printed Rocket Engine

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