Hardfacing Ground Engaging Tools with Colmonoy® 7631-60F via Fusewelder™ Torch

Warren Lewis, New Business Development Manager, is back for our latest video demonstration! This time hardfacing a plough shear for the agricultural industry.

During tillage, ground engagement tools face high levels of abrasive wear leading to frequent replacement and maintenance downtime.

To improve productivity and extend service life, Warren applies Colmonoy® 7631-60F to a plough shear via the Mark 8 Fusewelder™ Torch. Specially formulated, Colmonoy® 7631-60F is a Fusewelder powder made from Colmonoy® 63 (62-63 HRC) and 60% cast and crushed tungsten carbide particles. When applied using the Fuseweld™ process, this pre-blended, two-phase material becomes a tough but durable matrix with very hard (around 2200-2800 HV) particles distributed throughout. This will provide ground engaging tools with greater resistance against fine particle, abrasive wear – in a process that takes just a few minutes!

Watch the video below to learn more.

Safety Reminder! The Fusewelder™ Torch should always be used in areas with adequate ventilation and extraction.


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