Tech Paper - Brazing Filler Metal Optimizations for Auto and Aero Applications

Wall Colmonoy presented the paper at Fabtech 2013:

"Brazing Filler Metal Optimizations for Automotive and Aerospace Applications"

  • Brazing Filler Metals that minimize diffusion damage to austenitic stainless steel base metal while ensuring strong braze joints with excellent corrosion resistance
  • Improve manufacturing efficiency and adhere to safety critical part requirements with Nicrobraz® 30 (AWS BNi-5), Nicrobraz 31 (AWS BNi-14), Nicrobraz LM (AWS BNi-2), Nicrobraz LC (AWS BNi-1a), and Nicrobraz 65 (AWS BNi-8)
  • Extensive testing of various mechanical properties show optimizations can be made to filler metals that can dramatically affect the magnitude of diffusion reactions