Contributing to a More Productive, Efficient, & Cleaner World

Wall Colmonoy’s vision is to contribute to a more productive, efficient, cleaner world. Our products extend the life of others through fewer replacements, less downtime, waste, material usage and energy consumption.

Not only are our values upheld within our products and services, but through our operations as well.

Over the years, we’ve made strides to improve our sustainability.  Over the last few years, we have been installing new high energy efficient LED lights at all six of our sites – replacing old fluorescent lights.  This has proved to be both a savings in energy and creating a better working environment for our employees.  We have been transitioning to a paperless workforce saving trees.  At tradeshows & conferences, for example, we have been reducing our quantity of literature and distributing digital versions.

Through Wall Colmonoy’s Continuous Improvement Program, employees identify improvement areas that eliminate waste, save time, money or energy, no matter how big or small.  It has led to 300 energy and waste reduction projects significantly impacting operations.

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