Press Release: Continued Innovation with Nicrobraz® Ni-Cr-Si-P Filler Metals

Wall Colmonoy, a world leader in the manufacturing of brazing alloys, is the forerunner in the development of Nicrobraz® Ni-Cr-Si-P filler metals.

Nicrobraz 31, 33 and 152, Ni-Cr-Si-P filler metal alloys, were developed for use in the fabrication of modern heat exchanger systems. These new Nicrobraz filler metals, using optimal proportions of phosphorus and silicon, provide enhanced corrosion resistance, increased joint strength and improved substrate structural integrity by minimizing alloying interactions between the filler metal and base materials. European manufacturers of EGRs have selected Nicrobraz® 33 as the new filler metal of choice.


Due to the many successful applications of Nicrobraz 31 and with endorsement by the late Robert (Bob) Peaslee, AWS has included Nicrobraz 31 under the BNi classification of AWS A5.8 as BNi-14.

Brazing filler metal Nicrobraz 31, BNi-14 is formulated to provide a lower brazing temperature compared to Nicrobraz 30, BNi-5. Nicrobraz 31 is recommended for applications where boron containing filler metals cannot be used. This filler metal is also used to braze assemblies made of thin sheet metal as the diffusion with the base metal is minimized. Microstructure, strength and ductility of the brazed joint are improved by increasing the time and/or temperature of brazing and reducing the joint clearance.