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Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Oklahoma City is pleased to announce a new look for Nicrocraft™ Aircraft Exhaust Systems. Nicrocraft™, which is designed and manufactured at Aerobraze Oklahoma City, are both newly manufactured and overhauled with FAA – PMA / STC approved parts. Nicrocraft™ Systems can be found in Cessna, Beechcraft, Mooney, Piper and other aircraft.

The new look for Nicrocraft™ is translated into a new logo, new website and new catalog.

New Logo

Nicrocraft Logo

  • The New Nicrocraft™ logo was designed with the aircraft customer in mind. The vertical stabilizer signifies the brand's dedication to the aviation industry and the bold upper case font replaces the past lower case italicized font for a modern reflection of the brand.
  • Tagline "Built to Take the Heat" is incorporated into the new logo signifying the strength of Nicrocraft in its design and construction to withstand the heat of a plane's exhaust.

New Website

Responsive design

  • A dedicated, standalone website to provide you with an online catalog of Nicrocraft™ Aircraft parts and components.
  • A streamlined process allows the Nicrocraft™ team to serve aviation customers faster – getting aircraft off the ground quicker.
  • Directly from the website, you can search for your required exhaust system or part, select and send a direct quote request to the Nicrocraft™ sales team.
  • Responsive design - website optimized for all devices.

New call-to-action

New Catalog

Nicrocraft 2017 Parts Catalog

  • Both printed and online catalog (website) were overhauled and reviewed to provide the latest list of Nicrocraft™ exhaust system components.



New Tools

  • The exhaust is one of the most crucial systems on an aircraft. We rigorously and individually leak test each exhaust system assuring 100% compliance with applicable safety and performance standards. With your safety in mind, we have included with every Nicrocraft™ exhaust order:
    • In-Cabin Carbon Monoxide Detector
    • Exhaust System Inspection Checklist
  • Place the Carbon Monoxide Detector in your cabin to monitor the air quality within the cabin, and use the inspection checklist to insure that your exhaust system is safe to fly.