Los Lunas goes Nascar

On March 1, 2011 Wall Colmonoy welcomed four gentlemen from our Chinese and Taiwanese agent, Gredmann, to the Los Lunas manufacturing facility. They were for two weeks of product training.

Jeff Ou, Exectutive Vice President from Taiwan; Alan Lee, General Manager, Eric Sun, Sales Manager, and Bob Zhang, Chief Engineer, all from shanghai, China, were pleasantly suprised to find R & L carriers racing and their NASCAR Racing Truck in the plant's parking lot.


Bob in the-R L NASCAR Truck

R L Racing TeamR & L Carriers has been one of Los Lunas' main shippers for many years and was expressing their thanks to the plant for all of the loads that are consigned to the for transport.

Hot Dogs with R L RacingCROPPEDA picnic of hot dogs, chips, and sodas was held for everyone at the plant,

courtesy of R & L.

One evening we introduced the men to an evening of Western BBQ. With a little effort we were able to convince them that "ribs" are finger food.