Protect Against Abrasion and Impact with ColTung™ 1

ColTung™ 1 is an easy to use hardfacing rod. It is widely used in many industries, but particularly in Oil & Gas spray shops. ColTung™ 1 is made from a nickel-based powder which is blended with tungsten carbide and then sintered in a vacuum furnace to make a solid rod. UK Technical Manager - Warren Lewis demonstrates this versatile product and explains its role in a variety of maintenance and repair applications for Oil & Gas.

ColTung™ 1 is typically used in the oil industry where sliding mud or sand is an issue. Hardfacing of downhole drilling tools such as stabilisers, drill-bits and steering pads are ideal applications for ColTung™ 1. In many other industries, like Rubber & Plastics for instance, it is an excellent product for any part subject to severe sliding abrasion, corrosion, and high heat. Examples include screw conveyors, thermowells, extruder screws, augers, buffing fixtures, and other parts. It is also ideal for the brick making industry – in muller pans, scraper blades, anything that comes in contact with clay, fine particle abrasion, or slurries.

An ideal product for repairs in the field, ColTung™ 1 does not require any special equipment. It is best applied by a simple torch, gas or oxy-acetylene, like the FusewelderTM . Otherwise, ColTung™ 1 can be applied by TIG. Held in the hand, ColTung™ 1 requires no extra feed-mechanism such as that required by a rope. The rods can be easily welded together which ensures there is no waste as small ends are simply welded onto the next rod.

A keen product champion, Warren states, “ColTung™ 1 is a fantastic wear-resistant coating. Because it is applied by gas, the tungsten carbides don’t melt so you have an archetypal two phase hardfacing material to give good abrasion and impact resistance. All you need is a big gas torch, you don’t need powder, you don’t need any special equipment. So if you’re out in the field and need to do repairs, it’s absolutely ideal.

Now with a new and more efficient manufacturing process, customers are finding it to be a very practical solution.”


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