Colmonoy® 7331-60P2 Extends Service Life of Interstand Looper Rolls by 10 Times at a Steel Mill

Interstand looper rolls have been working for over one year at a steel mill without needing replacement. This is an increase from 2-3 weeks, showing that the application of Colmonoy® 7331-60P2 by plasma transferred arc (PTA) has extended the service life by 10 times! 

Within this steel mill, the interstand looper rolls, are placed between the main working rollers, governing the tension in the strip as it flows through the rolling mill rolls. Due to not being powered a high degree of abrasion occurs between the hot strip and the roller. The first few rollers face the most abrasion, and by hard facing these with Colmonoy® 7331-60P2, the steel mill noted a significant increase in service life. The application of Colmonoy® 7331-60P2 by PTA has considerably reduced wear due to its superior hardness and ductility, saving the steel plant costs on maintenance, repair, and downtime. 

Interstand looper rolls can be laser or PTA cladded with Colmonoy® 7331-60 which has improved thermo-mechanical fatigue properties, meaning it copes well with the cyclical heating and cooling associated with such applications. Such cyclical heating and cooling often leads to increased fatigue and premature failure in other hard facing materials. With its balance of hardness and ductility, Colmonoy® 7331-60 soaks up stress and reduces the potential for cracking. Packed with the maximum fraction of tungsten carbide, Colmonoy® 7331-60 gives tough support to hard metallics. 

Colmonoy 7331-60P2 Looper Rolls for Steel Mills
Interstand Looper Rolls, PTA cladded with Colmonoy® 7331-60P2 

Colmonoy® 7331-60 continues to prove itself to generate savings and extend the service life of important parts within the steel making industry.  

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