Colmonoy® Improves Life of Pump Parts in Petroleum and Chemical Industries by 4-8 times longer

Hard-face Coatings Withstand Corrosive Fluids like Salt Water, Gasoline, Acid

Colmonoy® has been sprayed on pump parts since our beginnings in the 1930s. Pump parts hard-faced with Colmonoy® alloys last 4 to 8 times as long as uncoated parts in oil producing and refining equipment. Increased life results from the wear and corrosion resistance of the nonporous Colmonoy® surface.

Pump Parts can be coated with:

  • Colmonoy® 4, 5, 6, 62, 64, 69, 72, 75, 42, 57, 88, 98, 705,7602-20M
  • Wallex® 6, 40, 50, 50HV, 55

Any of these have been used on pump parts and/or housing.

Long life is achieved despite applications involving contact with such corrosive fluids as salt water, gasoline and hydrofluoric acid (see photos). In, addition, the alloy surface has a low coefficient of friction that reduces packing wear and cuts maintenance and down time.

Any part exposed in service to corrosive atmospheres or fluids is a natural application for Colmonoy®. Such parts should be given a protective coating when new. Protected parts can also be renewed by the same Sprayweld process after extended periods of service thus avoiding the costly purchase of new units.

Colmonoy® alloys have proved their ability to outwear hardened steel 5 to 25 times in the petroleum and chemical industry and a wide variety of other applications.

Achieve longer life for your pump part




Fracturing Pump Plunger using Colmonoy® 88

Colmonoy 62 sprayed via Torch Fuse on a Pump Plunger

Colmonoy® 62 sprayed via Torch Fuse on a Pump Plunger



Pump plunger sprayed with Colmonoy® 5


Pump sleeves - Wallex™ 50



Colmonoy 62SA sprayed by Spraywelder™ System to Down Hole Pump Plunger



Colmonoy 88 HVOF sprayed to Pump Sleeve


FUSING the Colmonoy alloy coating to a pump plunger

From a 1960's Alloy News
FUSING the Colmonoy alloy coating to a pump plunger. Plunger has been previously machined undersize, grit blasted and Spraywelded with 0.045 in. coat of Colmonoy alloy in powder form. The coating is fused to the base metal using an oxy-acetylene torch flame as shown. The plunger is then finish ground.


TYPICAL PUMP PARTS protected with Colmonoy hard-facing alloys

From a 1960's Alloy News
TYPICAL PUMP PARTS protected with Colmonoy hard-facing alloys for long service in oil producing and refining equipment. Pump plunger at top is shown fallowing 22 months continuous salt water service in Oklahoma. Packing maintenance was practically eliminated during this period. Previous unprotected plunger normally lasted 3 to 4 months and required almost daily packing gland maintenance. Dubbs gasoline pump rod (center) is shown after running 24 hours a· day for two years. Uncoated rods had a service life of 90 days and required /frequent repacking. Coated plunger following continuous refinery service for more than one year pumping dilute hydrofluoric acid is the lower pump component illustrated. Uncoated plungers have lasted from 2 to 3 months in this severe corrosion application.


Some pump applications and suggested alloys include:

Ball Check Cages - Colmonoy® 5, Wallex® 6
Blowout Preventors, Operating Pistons - Colmonoy® 5
Centrifugal Pump Parts and Wear Rings - Colmonoy® 5, 6 or 72
Choke and Kill Pins - Colmonoy® 5
Oil Pump Sleeves - Wallex® 55
Oil Rod Couplings - Colmonoy® 6
Oil Well Pump Wear Rings - Colmonoy® 5
Oil Well Pump Plungers - Colmonoy® 6 or 88
Oil Well Rod Guides - Colmonoy® 6
Polish Rods and Liners - Colmonoy® 5 or 62
Pump Plungers (Triplex) - Colmonoy® 6, 88, 635 or 730
Pump Rods, Sleeves and Seal Faces - Colmonoy® 6
Pump Shafts (440 S.S.) - SoloCoat™ 840
Pump Shafts (Caustic) - Colmonoy® 6
Pump Sleeves (Hot Oil) - Wallex® 50
Pump Sleeves and Bushings - Colmonoy® 69, 88 or 705
Spiral Rod Guides - Colmonoy® 6 or 62
Sucker Rod Couplings – Colmonoy® 6 or 62
Vertical Gas Pumps (Propane and Butane) - Colmonoy® 5