Nicrobraz®, Niferobraz ®, and CuBraz™ Powder Shelf Life

Shelf Life Series #5 - Nicrobraz, Niferobraz , and CuBraz Powder Shelf LifeNicrobraz®, Niferobraz®, and CuBraz™ powders are stable under normal atmospheric conditions; therefore, a recommended shelf life is not given for these products. These alloy materials do not degrade, under normal storage conditions. 

Recommended Storage Conditions

Keep powders in a closed container and protect against moisture pick-up. The containers should be tumbled before using the powder. If moisture is adsorbed from the atmosphere, it can be removed and flowability can be restored by drying the powder, with the seal removed and lid loosened, at 66 - 93°C (150 - 200°F) for two hours prior to use.

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