Nicrobraz® Cements & 'S' Binder™ Shelf Life

Nicrobraz Cement & 'S' Binder Shelf Life ThumbnailWe frequently get asked about our shelf-life on Nicrobraz® Cements & 'S' Binder™. 

The shelf life of Nicrobraz® Cements is a minimum range of 3 months or longer. (see table in bulletin).

We do not reference a shelf life for Nicrobraz® 'S' Binder™, as we have determined that the material does not break down or deteriorate, under normal storage conditions. Basically, as long as the material retains essentially the same viscosity, the material is usable. If the 'S' Binder™ becomes hard at room temperature, or becomes water thin, it will not function as required to support the brazing 

A minimum shelf life is given for these products, and is provided only to give a guideline to follow. It is not our intention to indicate that these products will not be usable after that date. Many of our customers have used these products satisfactorily, well beyond the minimum shelf life date. Refer to Wall Colmonoy SDSs for important safety information.