What does it mean to be “essential”?

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Oklahoma City is an “essential” business, manufacturing critical components for aircraft that transport citizens, goods and military personnel. 

Sara Bondy, Mechanical Engineer, shares the essential work she and the team are doing at Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Oklahoma City. The team there is proud to be essential in supporting the aerospace & defense industry – in keeping aircraft off the ground.

Watch the video below:


Aerobraze OKC designs and manufactures more than 135 unique products for the aerospace and defense industries including heat exchangers, aircraft components and Nicrocraft aircraft exhaust systems. These components require a mix of brazingwelding, assembly, machining, and fabricating. The 38,000-square foot facility employs 90 team members and continues to grow. Products are shipped to customers around the globe.